Our BrewView on Unibroue’s Éphémère Pomme was originally published on March 2, 2019.

Brewed since 2002, the most beloved and well known of the Éphémère beer series. Its amazing popularity across North America has made it a year-round favorite instead of only a seasonal brew.

STYLE: Unibroue-style White ale with apple must. 5.5% ABV.

APPEARANCE: Pale gold color. 3-finger height, white colored head has a cotton ball density, and leaves thick lacing on the sides of the glass during consumption.

AROMA: Bready Unibroue yeast, Granny Smith apples, crabapples, coriander, wheat malt, ginger, sage.

FLAVOR: Aromas carry over into the taste.

MOUTHFEEL: Moderate plus carbonation, light bodied, tart, spicy finish that lingers nicely, inviting you to that next refreshing sip.

IMPRESSION: The BrewView notes here are from October 2, 2020. The bottle we enjoyed on this night was from December 14, 2018. We paired it with goat cheese, aged white cheddar, and Roquefort. This is a true pleasure to drink, can be paired with light dishes, (salads, whitefish, chicken) and of course, all sorts of apple desserts! Widely available.