Our BrewView on Unibroue’s Éphémère Fraise et Rhubarbe was originally published on January 12, 2019.

Brewed since 2018, Éphémère Fraise et Rhubarbe is a seasonal ale offered for a limited time.

STYLE: Unibroue-style White ale with strawberries and rhubarb. 5.5% ABV.

APPEARANCE: Medium golden color. 3-finger height, white colored head is creamy dense, and leaves even-sheeted lacing on the sides of the glass during consumption.

AROMA: Bready Unibroue yeast, hyper-natural aromas of strawberry leaves, fresh cut young strawberries, herbaceousness from the rhubarb, almost a woodiness.

FLAVOR: Equal balance of strawberry tartness and rhubarb bitterness. Very gentle hop bitterness.

MOUTHFEEL: Moderate plus carbonation, light bodied, dry, the tart / bitterness mix lingers gently, inviting you to that next sip,

IMPRESSION: We haven’t had the pleasure of tasting this beer since January 2019. There may still be some on the shelves at retailers, but don’t count on it. A great degustation beer, can be paired with a wide variety of cuisines. A true joy to drink.