September 8, 2020: This was the third of three BrewViews for CERVEJARIA WÄLS. This BrewView was oringally published in June 2014 in honor of the World Cup being held in Brazil. Out of the 3 beers, all were spectacular, but I do distinctly remember being hugely impressed on the brewing quality this beer had. I also remember saying “this beer would blow the minds of Belgian beer drinkers in Belgium”. It is matured in French oak barrels on top of cachaça chips. Are you kidding me? 🙂

STYLE: Belgian (Brazilian!) Quadrupel. 11.0% ABV.

APPEARANCE: Dark brown, murky, with a very dense light tan head that left soapy lace on the sides of the glass.

AROMA: Huge notes of caramel malt, treacle toffee, chocolate, bready yeast, and deep cachaça aromas in the background.

FLAVOR: Aromas definitely carried over into the flavor, with notes of cardamom, and of course, bready yeast.

MOUTHFEEL: Very full bodied, medium carbonation, rich, very warming. Flavor components linger for a long time.

IMPRESSION: When you age a beer on cachaça, you already have an advantage as it is one of the world’s great spirits. I do remember thinking… these “Brasileiros” are giving the Belgians a run for their money! If you can get it, do it!