Our friend, Jerry Vietz (Master Brewer of Unibroue) once said, “Great beer deserves attention.” We couldn’t agree more. Belgian Beer Journal is a hub where great beers from Belgium (and beers from other countries that brew beers in the classic Belgian styles) are given that attention.



CEO, Belgian Beer Journal

I’ll quickly get to the point. My beer journey began in 1981 with a bottle of Guinness Extra Stout. In the summer of 1983, my first Belgian beer was Chimay Premiere, and I never looked back since. I’ve tasted thousands of beers and have developed a discerning palate for great beer.

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CEO / Sommelier – Columbia Pacific Wine Guild, Advisor to Belgian Beer Journal

Alan’s beer journey began in 1979. Being in Washington State where Merchant du Vin had just started up, Belgian beers became available at local markets for him to try. Great wine is also a passion of his; he holds a 1st Level Sommelier certification. His palate and sensory evaluation skills best those of Master Cicerones.

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Founder & Quartermaster of Belgian Beer Me! Beer Tours (BBM!) Belgianbeerme.com, Advisor to Belgian Beer Journal

Stu has been leading beer tours to Belgium since 2008. Combining his passions of beer and travel, he spends about three months each year in Europe sharing his knowledge, experience and personal connections with people from around the globe. In 2018, he was enthroned as an Honorary Knight in the Knights of the Brewers Mash Staff. He divides his time between Michigan and Arizona.

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